Tibetans retain power of truth, China exercises power of guns: Dalai Lama


Gaya (Bihar): Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on Wednesday said that Tibetans retain the power of truth while China exercises the power of guns.

In a message to the Chinese government on the occasion of Christmas, the Lama said, “China today has the biggest population of Buddhists. But they believe that their religion is very scientific. However, we have the power of truth. Chinese communists have the power of guns. In the long run, the power of truth is much stronger than the power of guns.”

The spiritual leader also stressed that as human being everybody should take a resolution to be happy and content and lead peaceful lives. Peace lies in compassion and warm-heartedness and being a social animal, all human beings have compassion by birth, he said.

At the same time, people should also make use of their brain and analyse the value of material things surrounding them. Material things are temporary. For example, someone is a billionaire but maybe mentally unhappy. “So happiness is peace of mind. Either we believe this religion or that; we all have the potential of being warm-hearted,” he added.

“Today, one human being is killing the other in the name of religion. But they should all note that every religion carries the same message of love. We should all try to promote religious harmony,” the leader stressed.

Lastly, the Lama, “being a Tibetan” himself, further called for the preservation of Tibetan culture and customs. (ANI)