This is why Sushmita Dev left Congress


GUWAHATI: Former Congress leader and MP Sushmita Dev left the grand old party on Monday, 16 August and joined the Mamata Banerjee-led All India Trinamool Congress. This came as a surprise to many who saw her attending a meet with Sonia Gandhi along with the Assam Congress team barely a day ago.

This is what Sushmita Dev told News Live on her quitting Congress for All India Trinamool Congress.

“I am not at all leaving the party out of anger but in politics sometimes there are situations that… when you have a deeper purpose. When you see that to serve your purpose of public service or political service I took this decision. But I am not at all going to say anything against the Congress leaders, they have done a lot for me,” said Sushmita Dev.

On whether she had some issues with leaders of Assam Congress, Sushmita said, “I appeal to the leaders of Assam Congress that they have to understand that I have not done an ideological shift. My conscience is clear. Their conscience should also be clear. And Mamata Di and Sonia Ji will decide what should be the role — my role and what should be their role and we will have to work accordingly. I am not angry with any leader of Assam Congress and my best wishes are with them. Let them come ahead and fight, I will also try as our enemy is common.”

News Live: Wasn’t Congress a better platform for you to work?

Sushmita Dev: “No, it’s not like that. I was given the responsibility of Barak Valley and I did my job. The result was good. There is no anger. Congress, too, gave me opportunities to work but sometimes political situations are such that you have to look at the larger purpose, the bigger picture. In future you will see that my decision has not harmed anyone.”

News Live: Trinamool does not have a base in Assam. You have recently joined. What are you going to do?

Definitely, if Mamata Di tells me to work in Assam to build the organisation I will do it as my duty. I will go wherever they will send and I am ready for it.

News Live: You are being projected as a face against Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb. What do you have to say?

Sushmita Dev: This is a speculation. It has been just 24-hrs I have joined. There has been no discussion on what is the future route. But, Mamata Di knows my karambhoomi, Santosh Mohan Dev’s role and there won’t be any compromise on it. In addition to that I will do any role that is offered to me.

News Live: Do you think Trinamool Congress is a better challenger to BJP than Congress?

Sushmita Dev: That only time will tell and I hope we should all together stop a communal force.