These Valentine’s date ideas will make you ditch yours!


New Delhi: With Valentine’s Day is approaching, couples across the country are busy booking their dinner tables for the date night.

While some may find it fancy to celebrate the day in the same old mundane yet classic way, others look for new and innovative date ideas.

With the day of love just around the corner, here are few innovative date ideas for all types of couples who are looking for some fun ways to bond with their loved ones.

1) For the pet lovers
For people that are fond of dogs or cats or other pets, a place like pet parlour is no less than a paradise. The best thing about spending the day at the pet parlours is that you get pampered with love by not just your partner but also by the little pawed friends.

2) For the booze lovers
Having your booze sitting at the finest restaurant is fine but what about tasting freshly brewed glass of wine at a vineyard? Various vineyards offer wine tasting sessions which also include a stroll through the lush green vineyards. Such tours are often informative and fun at the same time.

3) For the foodies
If eating food is the motto of the date, why not make it more amusing by ditching the restaurant and joining the food walk. There are plenty of food walks that are organised every week in the metro cities and they come up with great discounts around Valentine’s. It helps the couples explore different cuisines and learn about them at the same time.

4) For the busy ones
Keeping up with the fast pace of life often gets daunting and a relaxing day at the spa is the ideal way of celebration for some. Getting a couple spa sessions is precisely how such couples should celebrate the day. Besides getting relaxed it also helps couples spend some time speaking to each other in silence.

These are just a few of the many innovative ways in which couples could bond over on the cupid’s day. Though there’s no specific day to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day gives couples a reason to spare time from the busy schedules and spend some quality time with the one who matters. (ANI)