“The youngest entrepreneur of Motorworld Industry is here to change the game”


AUTOMATE is India’s leading pre-owned luxury and supercar brand. The founder and CEO of AUTOMATE, Junaid, fondly known as ‘ JAYKAY’ in Bollywood is already a head turner with clientele ranging from Bollywood’s very own car enthusiast Ajay Devgan, who is known for his super car collection and Alia Bhatt.

Junaid was recently spotted taking his limited edition BMWi8 on a spin with Bollywood actors Manjot Singh and Samarth Shandilya.

The social circuit of Mumbai , Chandigarh and Kolkata already know who ‘JAYKAY’ is and everyone is now eagerly waiting for the biggest announcement which is to come from AUTOMATE about the NEW and VERY UNIQUE, one of its own kind ‘SUPER CAR SHOWROOM’ in Kolkata .

JAYKAY was recently spotted in Goa, with his entourage of friends, Sapna Malik and SPLITSVILLA winner Hamid Barkzi who flew there over night to party at his villa.

We contacted Junaid said that a very big event is lined up for the opening ceremony of the new showroom in Kolkata, which will change the face of super and luxury cars in India.