The success story of Dubai’s top sneaker company Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani is worth a good read


One can top in their line of work if there’s a strong will to succeed, as nothing beats dedication and discipline that lays the foundation of a better future.

Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani is one fine example of such exemplary outlook which has made him succeed in his professional career, catapulting him to the top of the entrepreneurial realm from where he calls the shots. His unique and disciplined style of working has found many admirers as he has built his sprawling sneaker business empire after a lot of setbacks that stopped him from going ahead in accomplishing his goals. The moment he stepped into the world of business, he was on his own, facing tough times and challenges that any aspiring entrepreneur goes through during the start of his professional journey. He never really took the strain of thinking about the obstacles that were halting his path towards glory, as all he was focussing upon was attaining a leading position in the world of business. Nevertheless, his years of struggle paid off when he eventually established his sneaker retail business, which took off from the word “go”.

As a young boy, Thani always dreamt of striking big in the world of business, as that was his sole aim in life. His immense talent and eye for detail got his shoe retail business up and running in no time. He says, “shoes have always been my first love since the time I remember, and dwelling into something which holds great interest to you is like a cherry on the cake. The idea of starting my own sneaker retail business had been my dream since years, which I cultivated into reality when I was ready to plunge into it with confidence.” There was no experience or any kind of training that he underwent to ace this field, but had loads of confidence and positivity towards building up a successful sneaker retail business, which he eventually did by establishing his first showroom in Dubai. The business took off from the day it opened its shutters due to the sheer passion and drive of Thani to make it a raging success. Though he admits there were a few initial hiccups, but those were taken care of and today the business has built a strong base in the retail space.

So, how does this successful shoe baron work on his business to make it number one? “There are hours spent on planning how to improve ourselves and take the business to the next level. There are advance plannings for the whole week and hours are spent on searching for methods which would grow the business skywards. Thani not only manages his sneaker¬† business, but also owns many other businesses, with each of them doing exceptionally well. At present his sneaker retail brand is rated amongst the best in Dubai with many known personalities including celebrities being his loyal clients who drop in by to pick up their favourite pair of sneakers. Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani is the man who has taken his entrepreneurial spirit to the next level by establishing the most loved sneaker retail brand in the country.