The Story behind Lavish Concepts, the new luxury accessory brand making waves


Apple devices have seen a major growth in the past 2 years in India. With their focus on quality and design, Apple has established itself not only as a market leader, industry titan but also as one of the most beautifully designed products in the world.

The only con of such devices is that everyone who has one of these, looks the same. There are various brands and businesses dealing in accessories, covers and cases for your iphones, watches and everything else apple.

The brand, Lavish Concepts, was created to cater to this need of premium quality exclusive accessories to personalize their Apple devices owners
The core team behind LC set out to fill this gap, by leveraging their deep experience and expertise with ecommerce, branding, product design, and retail electronics.

Over the last 6 months, the company has sold over 1500 accessories and generated over 1.1 Cr in revenue. With over 1000 satisfied customers, the brand has already started earning praises on social media because of its high quality of products, which are not easily available.

With its newly announced initiative, the brand has decided to create an impact with its mission of donating 2% of its profits to the Indian Army.
Talking to the team behind the brand, they elaborated on their mission “Donating 2% of our total profits is the least we could do. We have army men in our family, and the sacrifice our forces make so that the people of the nation sleep peacefully is unfathomable. This is just a small step from our side to tell them how grateful we are.”

Talking about the next milestone they have set their eyes on, the team says
“We want to establish ourselves as the go to luxury accessory maker for your favorite apple device. There is a lack of quality accessories that make the ownership of your favorite apple device more personalized and enjoyable, and we aim to fill that gap”

Talking about the challenges they faced while building the brand the team says “the biggest challenge to crack was to source premium, ethically created products at a price that was acceptable to the people. We knew there was a need, and we were confident of our designs after taking feedback. Once we cracked the supply chain, we were ready to take the plunge and get the brand going.”

You can head to to check out their range of premium accessories for your iPhone, Apple watch, and air pods, and follow them on social media to stay updated with.