The Gents Croquet Club has been providing real-world utility from day one.


NFTs are digital watermarks encoded onto a blockchain, the distributed cryptographic technology commonly applied to power cryptocurrencies. The Gents Croquet Club isn’t just style over substance, however. The project has an ambitious roadmap with various benefits and exclusive events.

Iman is the creator of the Gents Croquet Club. He has created a marketing agency and education company that has generated millions of dollars in a few short years. He has helped thousands of lives, started their agencies, and donated thousands of dollars to build schools in Nepal, all in line with his mission to redefine the education system. These millions have since been multiplied to eight figures through investing in the crypto space. He has been invested heavily in Bitcoin for the last year. In his latest Youtube video, he wanted to give all a short history of Bitcoin, an insight into its utility as a currency, and its future. His team has developed 2022’s most extensive NFT collection to disrupt the space and build a community for those who want to make real-life their video game, not dissolve into the metaverse. It is not just another profile picture project but will create an overwhelming change in each holder’s physical reality. It will also provide access to a carefully curated community and the investment opportunity that NFTs naturally carry. Inside the Gents Croquet Club community, one will find all the information and guidance one needs to achieve personal freedom. One can create a 10x increase in-network with the help of Gents Croquet Club in one year, without using shitcoins or unverified investments that usually lose investors more than they make.