The Best Data Science Courses Provider, Great Learning, Leads from the Front.


With the growing demand of data scientists in India and worldwide many training entities have stepped in and are leading from the front. Read why Great learning is rated as best in Data science course in India.

With the growth of digitization in every sector, getting meaningful data has become a necessity and experts who can churn out the right output are very much in demand. These professionals are called data scientists, and they hold an important part in zeroing down data that helps boost businesses operations, and that too in every possible field. Since the steady increase in demand for these professionals, many educational entities and universities have rolled out courses specializing in data science. Students who enrol for these courses gain adequate domain knowledge that helps them master the sphere and look out for lucrative offers around the zone. Individuals who want to make a mark in the field of data science can obtain certificates online from educational institutions that provide these courses.
Even though there are a number of institutes that offer data science courses, the best ones like can ensure best results along with proper placements at top companies. After much research, we shortlisted a few which offered a wide range of courses on data science, including Coursera, edx, Udemy, Datacamp & more. The Indian institute Great Learning topped our list as each of its course is designed to cater to specific needs around this zone and students can choose the ones that fit their requirements.
One of the foremost reasons one should look for enrolling data science courses at Great Learning is because it has established its credibility well in the market and has delivered outstanding results owing to its high quality education. The online Data Science certificates offered by this institute have gained wide recognition owing to the association of its programs with the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business, Northwestern University, MIT IDSS, NUS Business School and Great Lakes Executive Learning.
They have a team of experienced data scientists who design the course modules and teach students the nuances of data science. The courses use real-life examples and case studies to make learning more interesting and effective.
The comprehensive courses at Great Learning are aimed at making students industry-ready. The modules are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends. The courses are backed by an extensive placement support and career counseling program.
The students who have undergone training at Great Learning swear by its quality and effectiveness. Yash Vardhan, a data analyst at Indus OS, says, “Great learning is an amazing tech up-skilling platform that not only mentors students with the necessary technical knowledge that one would need to thrive and succeed in the industry but also the guidance that any professional looking for a smooth career transition will require at every stage in this process. The guidance from the industry experts and academicians results in robust mentoring of the candidates and also inspires confidence amongst them to achieve the best for themselves. Their experience in the industry not only helps the candidates with the required technical know-how but also equips them with the business acumen and domain expertise that any professional will appreciate throughout their career. The Hackathon competitions and capstone project provides candidates with a glimpse of industry-relevant problem-solving skills and enhance their knowledge around them. I would like to thank especially the entire Corporate Engagement team since they provided candidates with ample career opportunities that helped me in my career transition as a Data Analyst Intern.”

Nidhi Gupta, a Analytics IC at Eli Lilly, says, “At a critical juncture of my career, when even after changing jobs and domains I felt unsatisfied; the only way forward was upskilling. With interest in the domain of data, I planned to pursue my M.S in Data Science from abroad and just then the entire world went under restrictions due to COVID -19. However, I did not want to give up on pursuing my interest. Upon exploration, I came across Great Learning’s PGP-DSBA program with an international degree from the University of Texas, Austin. It seemed like my plans did not fail but life had a better plan for me in store. It seemed a great opportunity & hence, I enrolled. The quality of content & concepts was lucid.”

Furthermore, its excellent corporate network with many top-notch companies across the globe ensure proper placements after completion, which is one of the reasons one should look enrolling for their courses. Till date more than 7000+ candidates have been successfully trained and offered suitable placements in the domain of data science, which proves the kind of credibility this Indian education platform enjoys in this industry.