Teachers threatening suicide en masse clash with police


Hundreds of teachers entered into a fisticuff with police and tried to break open barricades set up by cops along the approach road leading to the historic Borpukhuri tank in Sivasagar town after they threatened to commit suicide en masse along with their family members over non-payment of salaries since the past many years.

Security was beefed up along the road leading to the Borpukhuri tank in Sivasagar town after the teachers threatened to commit suicide following non-payment of wages. Nearly 10,000 teachers under the banner of the All Assam Salary-deprived Assistant Teachers’ Association had threatened to commit mass suicide in support of their demands.

“Why is the government adopting such an attitude against us? Nobody can imagine the lives we are living. We are penniless. We can’t provide our children with the bare necessities of life,” a protesting teacher told News Live.


The teachers were appointed by the then AGP-led government between 1996 and 2001.

The teachers were getting salaries since 2006 but were stopped by the then Congress government after declaring their appointments illegal.


Similar protests were also carried out in Lakhimpur town.

Meanwhile, after discussions with administration officials, the agitating teachers have decided to put their protests on hold but threatened to resume if the government did not fulfill their demands.