Tamil Nadu: Coimbatore goldsmith designs masks using gold, silver threads


Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) : A Coimbatore-based goldsmith has designed masks using gold and silver threads.

Radhakrishnan Sundaram Acharya, who belongs to a family of goldsmiths, has designed the masks using 0.06 millimeters thin gold and silver threads. “The gold mask has been made using 18-carat gold which costs Rs 2.75 lakh and the silver mask costs Rs 15,000,” Acharya said.

Acharya told ANI that the main reason behind designing the mask is to create awareness about the need to wear these during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’m aware that a common man cannot afford to wear these masks, but rich people can use them for royal weddings. So far, I have received nine orders, most of which are from north India,” he said.

He further added that it takes seven days to complete one mask.

According to Acharya, he has a craze for doing something different. Three years ago, he left his job at a jewelry manufacturing company and since then he is he’s designing various items of gold using thin metal threads. He designs a variety of apparel, handbags, umbrellas, among other things. (ANI)