Taliban says Panjshir valley completely captured but resistance forces deny claim


Guwahati: The Taliban has claimed that they have completely controlled the Afghan province of Panjshir but the National Resistance Force disputed the claim as “false.”

“With this victory, our country is completely taken out of the quagmire of war,” a Taliban spokesman said.

Countering the claim, NRF said their force are present in all “strategic positions across the valley” to continue the fight.

On Monday, NRF said in a tweet that spokesman for the National Resistance Force, Fahim Dashti, has been killed in the fierce Taliban offensive in the Panjshir valley where the militia group was waging an intense battle.

Its commander General Abdul Wudod Zara has also been killed in the battle as the NRF called for “immediate cessation of hostilities.”

In another Facebook post, Ahmad Massoud, the head of NRF, said he supported the plans for settlement by peace talks as put forward by the put forward by religious clerics.

The Taliban is yet to respond to the appeal of ceasefire and confirm the death of Dashti.

The Taliban earlier said they had triumphed over the last resistance forces in the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul, but rebels dispute this.

Meanwhile, the UN chief will convene a meeting in Geneva to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan on 13 September. UN spokesman said they will appeal “for full and unimpeded humanitarian access to make sure Afghans continue to get the essential services they need.”