Taliban likely to announce newly-formed government today


Guwahati: Weeks after taking control over Afghanistan, The Taliban are likely to announce a newly-formed government today after afternoon prayers on the lines of the Iranian leadership with the group’s top spiritual leader Haibatullah Akhundzada as Afghanistan’s supreme authority.

This leadership is similar to Iran where the supreme leader is the country’s highest political and religious authority. The 60-year old religious leader will hold the position above that of the President and be in charge of crucial appointments including the heads of the army, government, and the judicial system. The decision of the supreme leader is final in the political, religious, and military affairs of the country.

All eyes are on the Taliban whether Afghanistan’s new rulers will keep their promise of a more “inclusive” government and be more accommodating than during their first stint in power from 1996 to 2001, which was notorious for its brutal and violent interpretation of Sharia, and its treatment of women. Women were not allowed to work and denied freedom of movement and girls were banned from school.

The Taliban have already appointed governors, police chiefs, and police commanders for provinces and districts. The name of the new administration system, the national flag, and the national anthem are yet to be decided.

Since the withdrawal of the US troops, women in Afghanistan took out a procession outside the provincial office, raising their voice for the right to work. Around 50 women in In the western city of Herat came out in the streets on Thursday to protest the right to work and over the lack of female participation in the new government.
However, it is unlikely that women were unlikely to be included in the new government, as per several reports.