Taliban Demands List Of Girls Above 15, Widows Under 45 To Be Married To Fighters


Guwahati: The Taliban have issued a diktat reportedly asking Afghan residents to marry off their teen daughters to fighters in the terror group.

In a statement shared online, the terror group has directed local leaders to prepare a list of all girls above 15 and widows under 45 to be married as ‘sex slaves’ to the group’s foot soldiers.

All the girls and women, as per the Taliban, would be transported to the mountainous region of Waziristan in Pakistan where they would be married to the insurgents, converted into Islam, and reintegrated into the society, The Sun reported.

“All imams and mullahs in captured areas should provide the Taliban with a list of girls above 15 and widows under 45 to be married to Taliban fighters,” the letter issued in the name of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission said, according to the Sun.

However, the horrid winds of darkness blew away those few specks of ‘independence’ from the lives of women who are now nothing but a commodity in the eyes of the Taliban extremists.

The terror group has re-imposed on Afghan women several laws and policies that defined its rule from 1996-2001 when it enforced the Talibani version of the Islamic Sharia law.

During the time it ruled Afghanistan, the extremist outfit forced women to conceal themselves from head to toe, barred them from working outside their houses, struck down girls’ education, and made it a law for women to be accompanied by a male relative every time they left home.