Taj Mahal shuts down amid coronavirus fears


GUWAHATI: Amid Coronavirus scare, Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi decided to close the Tajmahal for tourists from Today.

As a measure to contain Coronavirus, the authorities announced the closure of the heritage site until further notice.

Culture Minister Prahlad Patel said that the monuments would remain shut until 31st March and the decision will be reviewed after the shutdown period.

The Taj Mahal’s closure will affect the tourism industry severely and would lead to more cancellation of bookings in Agra.

Several other important monuments, museums and heritage buildings have also been shut across the country to keep people safe. Most educational institutes and entertainment facilities, including cinemas, swimming pools, National parks, have also been closed across India.

A total of 167,511 cases have been confirmed worldwide, with 13,903 new ones over the past 24 hours. At the same time, the global death toll rose by 862 to 6,606.