Stephen Nzurum “makes news”, through entertainment website NaijaVibe


In today’s day and age, digitalization has made it possible to get information and all sorts of news on the go right from our mobile phones. However, with easier access comes an easier way to take advantage of those with impressionable minds. It is difficult to find information relevant yet entertaining news all in one place but Stephen Nzurum, a young man hailing from Nigeria working as an entrepreneur, label executive, author and record producer has made it all possible.

It is not every day that we see someone with the determination to make a difference in not only their own but also others’ lives. Stephen Nzurum says that it is a dream to do something good and help others achieve their dreams just like he has achieved his own. If providing information about something that people are interested in allows him to create this change then Stephen Nzurum will put his all into it. And truly Stephen Nzurum’s actions have shown a huge difference in the way people perceive the lives of artists. While most news sites work as tabloids and often gossip about celebrities and other public personalities NaijaVibe tries to stay objective and unbiased which allows them to provide only true facts and other information that will not encroach on anyone’s private space. Especially in the world of music since Stephen Nzurum is an artist himself, he is aware of how important it is not only for fake news to not be spread but also for real not what the incidents in an artist live to be made public information as a part of connecting with their audience.

As of now, NaijaVibe supports more than 1.5 million active readers. It is also responsible for several music events and celebratory organisations such as the NaijaVibe colour riot pool party. There’s even more going on in Stephen Nzurum’s life though. For example, he is growing as a musical influence day by day creating a fan following not only for his own productions but also supporting other brands such as JanSport Nigeria, The NorthFace, Vionic, Heydude and Crocs, through his marketing company SFI Africa. Considering his work as an author, Stephen Nzurum has already launched two books known as “Start a Small Business Online” and “Nigeria Music Streaming Market: Stream Music in Nigeria”. Both of these are definitely interesting reads and perfectly combine Stephen Nzurum’s skills as an entrepreneur and as an artist.

There is a lot more about Stephen Nzurum and NaijaVibe that goes unseen to the naked eye. If you want to know more or be a part of this incredible journey, check out the links to their social media platforms given below: