“Startups should turn to Digital PR for Media Exposure” says Examplad Media’s Founder Jitesh Tilwani


Digital PR is the only reliable way that helps early-stage startups with limited resources increase their brand visibility to journalists and news organisations as well as a vast audience.

Though public relations is crucial in the real world, it is becoming increasingly relevant online. In reality, it’s probably safe to assume that the majority of businesses with an online presence already consider digital PR to be a top priority, as more and more customers use the internet to research companies or make purchases.

While the vast majority of businesses cannot comprehend the scale and complexity of our rapidly changing and continuously developing online environment, the process of preparing, designing, and executing a public relations strategy is well worth it.

Since the Internet’s increasingly interactive environment has both benefits and disadvantages, any digital PR approach must be carefully considered. However, the advantages of being able to listen and respond to conversations, connect with customers, create engaging content, and take advantage of new exposure opportunities are enormous.

Boost your visibility

One of the most noticeable advantages of digital PR is that it can significantly improve the company’s online exposure. Not only will a variety of sources publish press releases and news reports, but the search engine ranking will likely increase as well.

In this day and age, any content that discusses the most recent production details or a recent event should be keyword optimised with phrases and words that are relevant to the business. This has the ability to rank well on Google, be picked up by writers, reporters, and users, and then be spread and posted elsewhere, boosting your backlink profile.

Furthermore, since search engines favour fresh and engaging content, any posts, blogs, or press releases you send out that are uniquely replicated will invariably increase your online footprint.

Improve your Brand reputation

Although this is often inevitable, digital PR may help to boost and strengthen reputations. News releases or an article explaining and apologising for the issue may be used to address negative reviews. You could also thank the customer for bringing up a problem you weren’t aware of.

In certain situations, a poor experience is the only reason a customer goes online to leave a product review or complain about a company’s customer service.

Consider publishing exclusive information or a prototype product to generate positive buzz and favourable reactions to make the most of digital PR’s reputation-building benefits.

Establish a brand identity

 Your target market and loyal customers will quickly realise that the business has a lot to give if you send out daily press releases or news reports. The brand’s branding is likely to gain notoriety by providing insightful insights into what’s going on at the organisation in an informative and personal tone.

Several organisations use digital PR as a forum to establish themselves as a market leader and authority. Respect is earned by experience, competence, and integrity. You’ll almost certainly beat your rivals to the punch.

It’s not just the business or product knowledge that needs to be shared, Employee success stories and personal troubleshooting experiences can also help to put the business in a good light. If you want to enjoy the benefits of these benefits, contact Examplad Media today, They have the potential to offer robust digital PR solutions.