Spain imposes nationwide lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak


Spain: Spain on Saturday (local time) imposed a nationwide lockdown as the number of coronavirus cases in the country surpassed 6,000.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez made the announcement saying that it prevents citizens from leaving their homes except to buy food and medicine, for work or emergencies. The measures are set to come into effect on Monday morning, RT reported.

The measures, which Sanchez called “extraordinary” and “drastic” will last for 15 days as part of the state of emergency and may be extended further with a decision from the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

The step means all restaurants, bars, hotels, non-essential retail outlets, and education centres will be shut nationwide.

The country earlier closed all beaches to prevent mass gatherings.

The country has had over 6,250 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 illness and 193 people have died. (ANI)