Sonam Kapoor is on her way to a six-pack


New Delhi: Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor now seems headstrong to achieve her dream of a rocking set of six-pack abs.

The actor on Wednesday posted a video of herself on Instagram in which she could be seen grinding hard in the weight room.

The 34-year-old was pounding out reps over reps on the barbell hip thrust exercise that builds a well-sculpted butt and a sturdy core.

In the caption of the post, she wrote: “Working out super hard with @milestone_fitness at @upfitnessmumbai Morning workouts are the best! They really get the endorphins going! #ifeelgood #cantwaitfora6pack”

Kapoor’s video was met with mostly positive comments from her followers.
One user commented “Beast mode,” which is a common gym slang for anyone going full throttle during a workout.

However, a “fitness expert” didn’t shy away from sharing their bro-science wisdom and said “Uff u trying much weight starts from less weight…we can’t go to last step without our first step”. (ANI)