Social Welfare Minister Ajanta Neog visits Mother Old Age Home


GUWAHATI: Assam Social Welfare Minister, Ajanta Neog visited Mother Old Age Home in Guwahati on Thursday.  The private-NGO-run old age home has been in controversy with reports in the media confirming differences of opinion among the two main persons managing the home. There was also a lot of public uproar on the way the private affairs of the home got out in the media. Taking note of the whole development, Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanata Biswa Sarma had asked Ajanta Neog to personally visit the home and sort out the matter. The CM had also ordered a probe.

Speaking to reporters at Mother Old Age Home, Ajanta Neog said that the issues will be solved at the earliest. “I came here and met the elderly. The people of Assam are anxious and the CM is also worried. He had asked me to visit Mother Old Age Home and understand the problems. I was myself thinking of coming here and so today I am here. There are some issues and I believe these can be resolved. It is our joint responsibility to look after these elderly who are at his old age home.”

“The Social Welfare Department also runs similar homes and we help private NGOs who run such old age homes. Being a minister of this department I have my responsibilities to look into these matters. I assure you that the issues of this old age home that have surfaced in the public domain will be sorted out very soon. Also, we will all come together as a society and help these elderly living here,” said Ajanta Neog.

The minister stressed that everyone should strive to maintain well-being and peace for the elderly persons living at Mother Old Age Home. “Whatever has happened is gone and such messages should not go out. We have to ensure the well-being of these old people residing here. I urge everyone including the print and electronic media and general public to come together and resolve the matter. Also, whenever I will get time I will come to visit this place and try to see how I can help the elderly,” assured the minister.