Skin Care: 3 essentials to carry In A Bag Before Leaving The House In Summer


Guwahati: The temperature is rising in the summer and the heat and hot winds have made the skin worse.

 Going out of the house for some work seems like walking on embers.

Well, nothing can be done to reduce the heat, but certainly, some steps can be taken to protect your skin from heat and hot air.

Sunlight and heat damage all skin, but for oily skin people, this season brings more skin-related problems.

Oily faces in summer close pores of the skin and cause problems such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. So people with every skin type, especially those with oily skin, must put these 3 things in their bags before leaving the house.

If you are leaving the house in the heat or sun, be sure to keep these 3 things in your bag.

  1. Sunscreen 

Be sure to put sunscreen in the bag before leaving the house. By the way, you should apply sunscreen about 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the house. But it keeps decreasing due to sweating in the sun, so you must keep the sunscreen in your bag. So that one can use it whenever needed and protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

  1. Moisturizer Cream

The skin can be lifeless due to heat. Because sunlight and heat take away the moisture and nutrition you need from your skin. As soon as you feel rough or lifeless, remove it from the bag and apply a moisturizer and provide the necessary nourishment to your skin.

  1. Facewash and Scrub

Dust and pollution can make your face dirty as you go out in the heat. So you must keep a face wash or scrub in your bag. So that you can clean your face and remove dust, dirt and dead cells and get clean and clear skin.