Shivamogga: Ancient ‘Pacche Linga’ put out for darshan in Bandagadde Math


Shivamogga (Karnataka): The ancient ‘Pacche Linga’ (Shiv Linga) has been put out for devotees to pay obeisance in Bandagadde Math in Kaladi village near Sagara city of Shivamogga on Tuesday.

Bandagadde Math’s ancestors got rare emerald Linga ‘Pacche Linga’ from Queen Chennamma. Every year on Vijayadashami, Math’s pontiff offers prayers.

“Keladi Chennamma’s heroic life inspired many warriors. She ruled for 25 years. She patronised valuables to all religious centres,” Mahesh Shivacharya, Pontiff of Math Mahesh told ANI.

In 1993, two pontiffs quarrelled for property and the complaint was lodged against them. This several crores Linga was then surrendered to the court and kept in a bank locker. Every year, on the day of Vijayadashmi it is brought back to math for the devotees.

“Because of some reasons the Linga is kept in a bank locker. I have discussed with two factions and consulted the Chief minister BS Yediyurappa and finally, we got it for Vijayadashami,” said Haratalu Halappa MLA of Sagara.

Bandagadde Math has at least five hundred years of history. Rulers of Keladi dynasty patronised to maths, temples, churches and there is evidence that they gave land to Portuguese to construct prayer halls.

Keladi dynasty got the attention of Delhi Sultanate when Chennamma (Keladi Chennamma) became the queen and gave shelter to Rajaram Chatrapati, son of Shivaji Maharaja who fled from Aurangzeb. (ANI)