Shah takes dig at Congress for questioning Modi govt over unemployment, economy


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : Union Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday hit out at the Congress stating that the party which did nothing to steer the country’s economy for 60 years is questioning and advising the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government over unemployment and economic slowdown.

“Those who did nothing to steer the country’s economy in 60 years is now questioning the Modi government. Despite ruling the country for decades, Congress could only manage to take the economy of the country to a USD 2 trillion mark. However, the NDA government took it to USD 3 trillion in just five years time,” said Shah.

The Home Minister was addressing a gathering after laying the foundation stone of the Indian Institute of Skills (IIS) here.

“The NDA government has a goal to make India a USD 5 trillion economy which was achievable in the past too. Youth with their entrepreneurship skills may play a big role in achieving this aim,” he added.

Cornering the Opposition for targetting the Centre over unemployment and economic slowdown, he said: “Some people always see things through a negative prism.”

“Whenever they ask about employment, only one thing comes to mind that you ruled the country for 60 years but what measures did you take to provide employment to the country’s youth,” the Union Minister questioned referring to political parties who were at the Centre in the past.

Talking about efforts taken by his government, Shah said that it is putting all necessary efforts to bring employment opportunities for the youth.

“The Indian Institute of Skills will not only provide skills to youth by providing them employment opportunities, but the youth of the country will also play an important role in the development of the country by becoming job creators from job seekers,” said Shah.

“The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Skill India will not only create employment in the country but will also fulfil the dream of ‘Make in India’ and it will also help in making the country a dollar 5 trillion economy,” he said.

Calling upon the youth, Shah said: “You (youth) may start with placement but you can be job creators, be an entrepreneur because a big goal can be achieved from the very beginning.” (ANI)