Salima Mazari, who took up arms to fight Taliban in Balkh Province, captured in Afghanistan


Guwahati: One of the first women governors in Afghanistan, Salima Mazari, who took up arms to fight the Taliban has reportedly been captured. However, there are no words on her current status.

At a time when many Afghan political leaders had fled the country, Salima Mazari stayed on till the surrender of Balkh province, when her district of Chahar Kint fell to the Taliban.

Reports say the woman leader has been captured by the Taliban after the insurgents gained control over the entire nation and the Afghan leadership, including President Ashraf Ghani, fled the country.

A few years ago, Salima Mazari became one of only three women governors Afghanistan ever saw. While a lot of the Afghan provinces crumbled without much of a fight, Salima tried everything to keep Chahar Kint in Balkh Province unscathed.

The Chahar Kint district, with Salima Mazari as its leader, put up a major fight against the Taliban. Her spirit brushed off on her district and the same showed in their fight against tyrannical forces, determined more than ever to re-establish their Emirate.

Until the final fall, Chahar Kint was the only region under the control of a woman which did not fall under any of the terror groups in the region. According to The Guardian, Salima Mazari successfully negotiated the surrender of 100 Taliban fighters last year.