Russia Declares Ceasefire To Open Humanitarian Corridors For Evacuating Civilians


Guwahati: After continuing attacks on Ukraine for 10 days, the Russian Federation declared a ceasefire starting at 6:00 GMT or 10 a.m. (Moscow time) on Saturday to allow civilians to leave the country. 

Russian forces in Ukraine seized Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant on Friday in an assault that caused alarm around the world and that Washington said had risked catastrophe, although officials said later that the facility was now safe.

Fighting also raged elsewhere in Ukraine as Russian forces besieged and bombarded several cities in the second week of an invasion launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The capital Kyiv, in the path of a Russian armoured column that has been stalled on a road for days, came under renewed attack, with explosions audible from the city center.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has slammed NATO’s decision not to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict with Russia. Zelenskyy accused the members of the military alliance of giving Russia “the green light to start shelling Ukrainian cities and villages.” He said that NATO countries have created a narrative that closing the skies over Ukraine would provoke Russia’s direct aggression against NATO.