Rupjyoti Kurmi faces flak for slitting palm to register ‘bloody’ protest


GUWAHATI, Dec 3: Mariani Congress MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi finds himself embroiled in another controversy, this time after he slit his palm with a blade and then used his blood to write a terse messages opposing various issues and policies of the Government, including the reported move to liquidate the Nagaon and Cachar paper mills and the Government’s plan to bring the Citizenship (Amendment) Mill in the ongoing winter session of Parliament.

Kurmi carried out the chilling and unprecedented protest in the Assam Assembly today during the winter session of the State assembly.


Assam Assembly Speaker Hitendra Nath Goswami, meanwhile, expressed shock and anger over the incident and said that action will be taken against Kurmi. Legislators of the ruling alliance said the incident was similar to a suicide bid.

Questions are also being asked as to how the Congress MLA could take a blade into the high-security assembly premises.

The Congress legistor later tendered a written apology to the Speaker.