ROLBOL Community initiated by entrepreneur Darshan Sankhala is taking long strides in changing lives


The first chapter of his initiative, which opened up in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has turned into a large community today.

A lot of time and efforts go in leading a healthy, content and motivated life as it is very easy to drown in our problems and daily grind forgetting about our well-being or life goals. That’s the reason why it’s important for people like Darshan Sankhala to exist to lead people through the right path that leads to inner peace, contentment and growth. Having incredible work ethics, which led his business ventures to the forefront, he has identified multiple challenges and let his mindset and own motivation bypass these obstacles to launch his thriving businesses. Taking a step ahead to make a huge impact on people’s lives, he launched his Rest Of Life – Best Of Life (ROLBOL Community), which has turned into a big community since a short period of its inception.

The initiative provides objective perspectives of people’s lives to help them transform it 360 degrees, which results in them becoming the best version of themselves. The main objective is to evaluate the gaps between, where people stand at present and where they want to be, setting clear guidelines that help in transforming their lives, bit by bit. The common platform has already made its mark as a motivational revolution which has enabled people to come forward and try to make a difference which can change their perspective towards life drastically. ROLBOL Community acts as a motivational factor for people, fuelling enough confidence in them to believe in themselves and encourage them to reach for the impossible, as it preaches nothing is out of our reach if we have enough self-belief and confidence. Providing adequate information and resources is the initiative’s goal to help people achieve what they desire in life.

To get his vision on track Sankhala had launched its first chapter in 2020 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh which has created a revolution of sorts with millions already joining hands and proceeding to grow more in numbers. Whether a person has hit rock bottom in his personal or professional life or has reached soaring heights, everyone has a room for improvement and that’s what ROLBOL Community is all about, to facilitate that space which shows even the slightest area of improvement. So, people out there, wanting to lead a content and motivated life, get hold of it.