Rising to be an entrepreneur in the vast NFT space – Goon


Also known as @NFTgoonie, the passionate guy owns “Alpha Land,” a growing community in the NFT space.

Some people in this world think a thousand times before entering a particular industry, not just because they fear the competition, which is prevalent in almost all industries today, but also because they are unsure of what they will do or how they will get ahead in their respective industries. Sometimes, people lack the right kind of knowledge to get going on their path, while there are many others who believe in going with the flow and make instinctive decisions as they believe in their dreams and their aspirations to reach the next level of success in their careers and endeavours. We came across one such believer, a person who decided to place his bets on the NFT space and now can’t wait to take over the same; he is goon.

goon can seem to be just another guy from the neighbourhood, but let us tell you that he is definitely more than that. goon, also popularly known as @NFTgoonie, is all about his aspirations to make it huge in the vast and ever-evolving NFT space. He says that when he decided to be a part of the industry, he initially wasn’t sure, as there were many naysayers around, but he knew he was getting into an industry that has a tremendous potential to grow each passing year, which is why he stepped his firm foot into it and today is indeed growing as an NFT proponent and supporter across the world.

goon also has made quite a name for himself in the industry by founding “Alpha Land,” a community which is all about NFTs and a place that helps take the NFT and crypto enthusiasts forward on their journeys. As a growing investor and entrepreneur in the NFT industry, goon knows how fast-paced the industry has become today, with the surge of too many NFT projects and communities on the rise.