Rishab Mittal : Chase experiences, not things


Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people. Not only do they think differently; they act differently. They draw on personality traits, habits and mind-sets to come up with ideas that straddle the line between insanity and genius. “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to challenge yourself. No one else is going to push you, so it’s up to you to do it. Challenges keep entrepreneurs nimble and on their toes. If you’re constantly looking for the next challenge, you’ll always be prepared for what comes your way.” says Rishab Mittal, a 26-year-old successful businessman. To be a successful businessman one needs the culmination of a certain set of characteristics: determination, creativity, the capacity for risk, leadership and enthusiasm, all of which are deeply inoculated in Mr. Rishab Mittal who at the young age of 24 was burdened by all the responsibility of taking over and expanding the family business. However, his conviction, determination and vigorous efforts took the businesses to new heights, overcoming the insurmountable odds.

Today, Mr. Mittal’s conviction, determination and vigorous efforts have helped him create an empire for himself. He has expanded his business into diverse sectors like mining, electronics, construction, real estate, food industries and medical equipments and infrastructure. The 26-year-old young lad associates the diversity in his business ventures to the diverse interests and hobbies he has acquired during the course of his life so far. Rishab also takes a great deal of interest in activities like dancing, singing, cooking a variety of cuisines and writing blogs. Rishab not only has had a knack for entrepreneurial endeavors, but takes equal interest in sports and fitness. He is fascinated by the concept of simple living and high thinking, he loves working in the farm and growing his own produce whenever he gets the time to. Mr. Mittal believes that providing social support is more beneficial than receiving it.” Intuitively, I think we all knew that because it feels awesome to help someone who needs it. Not only is helping those in need fulfilling, it’s also a reminder of how comparatively fortunate we are, which is a nice reminder of how thankful we should be for what we already have.” he says. Shri Parmeshwarlal Mittal charitable trust, an NGO run by him, has contributed immensely in the many social, economic and health emergencies that took place in the past. Even during COVID – 19 peak times Rishab contributed in every possible way by distributing oxygen cylinders, oximeters and in fact, he built a hospital with 1000 beds for the patients suffering because of the collapse of the healthcare system in the country. He believes that “things” provide only momentary bursts of happiness. To be happier, don’t chase as many things. Chase a few experiences instead.