Rickshaw puller kidnaps minor in Guwahati


In a sensational incident last night, a minor boy has been kidnapped, while he was sleeping with his mother. The two-year and two-month old son of Ranjit Rout of Bamunimaidam area in the city was kidnapped by a rickshaw puller, while he was sleeping with his mother.

The incident occurred at around 2 AM last night. Sources said that the boy was lifted out through a window near the bed. A ransom call demanding Rs. 10 lakh was made subsequently to the parents after the kidnap. A team of Chandmari police led an investigation to detain one identified as Mamtaz Ali, a rickshaw puller from Kamakhya Railway Station. The mobile phone, through which the demand was made, also recovered from the rickshaw puller’s possession.

After sustained interrogation, the arrested rickshaw puller confessed his involvement and led the police party to Bamunimaidam bihu Field where the accused had kept the minor hidden in a small patch of jungle. The minor has been taken to Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital for check up.