Rhino kills one in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park


GUWAHATI: One person was killed in an attack by a rhino in Geleki, Gusanibor gaon in the Kaziranga area, Assam on Monday.

The deceased have been identified as Balram Orang, a resident of the Geleki area in Kaziranga, Assam.

According to reports, Orang was going to his paddy field when a rhino attacked him. He was seriously injured in the incident and died on the spot.

Local people have blocked the road.”We have called for an ambulance but it has been hours now. Forest Department car went through this road, they could have helped us but they didn’t even ask what happened. We want DFO sir to come here and solve this issue. A few days back a person died in the same way. Why the authorities are not helping us?,” said a local resident.

“This is the second incident at the park, in less than a month. This is continuously happening. What will we do, we are helpless,” said a woman.