Remembering Martyr Vikram Batra, Kargil Hero: Know his story


Guwahati: Kargil War could not have been written without the sacrifice of Captain Vikram Batra who was awarded with the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest and most prestigious award for valour, for his actions on the inhospitable battlefield.

He led one of the toughest operations in mountain warfare in Indian history.

Batra was often referred to as ”Sher Shah” (“Lion King”) in the intercepted messages of the Pakistan Army.

On July 7, 1999, Captain Vikram Batra sacrificed his life fighting Pakistani forces during the Kargil War.

He was just 24 years old when he sacrificed his life for his country.

Batra and his team captured Peak Point 4875. He killed 5 Pakistani soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. He was given the highest wartime gallantry award Param Vir Chakra posthumously.
Captain Batra’s famous words – ‘Yeh Dil Maange More..’ reverberate even today.

On his death Anniversary let us remember the “Sher Shah” of the Indian Army. 

Vikram and his unit received orders to move to Kargil and he reported for duty on June 1, 1999.

Eighteen days later, on June 19, 1999, he was ordered to recapture Point 5140 in his first major battle in the war. His unit was ordered to recapture Point 5140 in his first major battle in the war.

Even though the enemy had the higher ground, he led his men to a brilliant tactical assault on the enemy.

The 13 J&K Rifles won a decisive victory which strengthened India’s hold on the territory and he was immortalised when he reportedly told his commander: ‘Yeh dil maange more.’

His next operation was to capture the 17000-feet high Point 4875, a tough challenge made harder by the steep slopes and chilly temperature.

On a fateful night, after shocking the enemy to retreat, he went to rescue a junior officer who had injured his legs in an explosion.

Even though he took out five enemies with a grenade a bullet hit him on the chest.

Legacy Vikram Batra is also well known in India for using the slogan, Yeh Dil Maange More! as his signal to communicate mission success.

He is also known for an interview in which he stated that Pakistani soldiers were aware of him.

Awards: Vikram Batra was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military honour on 15 August 1999, the 52nd anniversary of India’s independence. His father G.L. Batra received the honour for his deceased son from the President of India, the late K. R. Narayanan.