Record cane price payment of over Rs 1,00,000 cr paid between 2017-2020 to sugarcane farmers: UP chief minister


Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Friday said that a record cane price payment of more than Rs 1, 00,000 crores has been paid between 2017-2020 to the 47.20 lakh sugarcane farmers in the state.

“This cane price payment of more than Rs.1,00,000 crore paid to the cane farmers, is Rs.46,633 crore more than the combined cane price payment of Rs.53,367crore of the previous 3 years of 2014-17,” he said.

“This cane price payment to cane farmers during 2017-2020 is Rs.4,785 crore more than the cane price payment of Rs.95,215 crore paid during the 2012-2017 year,” the Uttar Pradesh chief minister added.

He further stated that the state government is committed to protect the economic interests of cane farmers and added that “even during corona pandemic when all the industries were facing closure, the sugar mills of the state continued crushing

“It was the commitment of Government for safe guarding the interest of farmers, that the supply of their sugar cane remains uninterrupted during lockdown period. Though the sugar sale remained negligible during lockdown but in spite of that, cane price payment of Rs 5,953 crore was made to farmers in this period.”

“In the current crushing season 2019-20, the sugar mills of the state crushed 1,116 lakh tons of sugarcane and produced 126.5 lakh tons of sugar. The above crushing and sugar production is recorded highest in the history of state,” the Uttar Pradesh CM added. (ANI)