Raveena Tandon Enraged Over Rhino’s Collision Incident In Kaziranga; ‘When Will We Learn?’


Raveena Tandon strongly condemned the recent incident of a Rhino getting hit by a speeding truck on a highway in Assam’s Kaziranga national park. The unfortunate episode, which is going viral on the internet, saw a truck changing lanes at the last moment to avoid hitting the Rhino, however, fails to do so. The animal tries to get up on his feet after the collision but falls again. 

Expressing outrage, Raveena called out authorities for not ‘fencing off the roads and highways that pass through the forests. She also mentioned it was high time for common folk to learn and act appropriately. 

Raveena Tandon reacts strongly over Rhino’s collision incident in Kaziranga

Taking to her Twitter handle on Monday, October 10, the actor wrote, “Why can’t we fence off the roads and highways that are cutting through the forests????? Under/ overpasses are desperately needed!!! when will we learn and act!” 

Not just Raveena, but Assam chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also condemned the incident, stressing that no infringement shall take place in spaces dedicated to wildlife. He further informed that the vehicle has been intercepted and fined, while the Rhino survived. 

Raveena has been vocal when it comes to animal welfare. She also expressed support for an elephant called Joymala, who was reportedly beaten while being chained at a temple in Tamil Nadu.