Ramo, aka NFTRamo, spellbinds people with his unique NFT collection named The Habibiz


The Habibiz is a collection of 4900 NFTs, which offers holders incredible features that can help them earn massive rewards for holding them.

Isn’t it surreal to learn and read more about all those people and professionals who, instead of waiting for the right opportunities, go all out to create newer ones for themselves? Well, the world has noticed the rise of many such talented beings, but there are a few who still stand tall and different from the rest by not just creating new opportunities in their careers but also making the most of them to create waves of tremendous growth and change in their chosen industries. This is definitely easier said than done, but it is so amazing to see the rise of a few people, especially youngsters, who have done even that and spellbound people with all that they have done in their endeavours, just like Ramo, aka NFTRamo has done with his NFT collection called The Habibiz.

Ramo is not just a rising NFT proponent but also a project advisor and Tokenomics expert who has immersed himself in the crypto and the NFT space, for he feels passionate to be a part of an industry that offers him the chance to be a contributor to the future of the Defi space. He founded The Habibiz, which is a growing NFT collection consisting of 4900 NFTs. Not just that, he is also building Jidai NFT.

The Habibiz has been created to address the biggest issue of the NFT space, grinding the whitelist spots. In January 2022, they developed the 1st whitelist marketplace, where the community members get the chance to use $OIL, which is their token they can accumulate daily, by owning the genesis Habibiz NFT to reserve a minting spot for their favourite rising projects. Speaking more on the $OIL ecosystem, which his team is developing, Ramo says that they are driven by their goal to establish at least ten utilities within the ecosystem for $OIL, which will include a whitelist marketplace, draws, Habibiz VX, refineries, poker, and upcoming projects.

The $OILNOMICS is about rewarding the holders with more $OIL based on how many NFTs they hold, the type of Habibiz (animated/non-animated), and for how long they stake them.