Rahul Gandhi releases COVID19 White Paper, claims Third Wave is coming


GUWAHATI: Former Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi released a White Paper on COVID19. Talking to the media over a video call Rahul Gandhi stated that the purpose of the White Paper is to help the nation prepare for the COVID19 third wave that is going to come.

“Our doctors and scientists had talked about the second wave. But the government did not take the required actions due to which the whole country had to face the effect of the second wave,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi Added, “Today we are again standing at the same place. The whole nation knows that a third wave is imminent. Virus is mutating and a third wave will come. So, we are once again telling the government to fully get ready. Hospitals beds, medical infrastructure, oxygen, and medicines are the necessary things that the government should make ready to fight the third wave.”

“It is very important that we aggressively do the vaccination and achieve 100% vaccination as soon as possible as that is the only protection,” said Rahul Gandhi.