Rahul Gandhi is modern-day Jinnah, his language similar to that of Pak leader: Himanta Biswa Sarma


Guwahati: Stepping up his attack on Rahul Gandhi, Assam Chief Minister Dr.  Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said the language of Congress leader is “similar to that of Jinnah before 1947” and he is, “in a way, modern-day Jinnah”.

CM Sarma’s fresh salvo at Gandhi came a day after he attacked Gandhi at an election rally in Uttarakhand.

CM Sarma had also attacked Gandhi on Thursday over his tweet in which the Congress leader had described India as “union of states” while attacking the BJP government.

“It seems for him (Rahul Gandhi), India (is) only from Gujarat to West Bengal. I’ve been observing what he has been saying in the last 10 days. Once he said India is a union of states. Another time he says India means from Gujarat to Bengal,” Biswa told reporters here.

“…So, I am saying the ghost of Jinnah has entered into Rahul Gandhi, I said this in Uttrakhand, Rahul Gandhi’s language is similar to that of Jinnah before 1947. In a way, Rahul Gandhi is modern-day Jinnah,” he added.

At an election rally in Uttarakhand on Friday, the BJP leader had alleged that Rahul Gandhi had demanded proof of surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army against terror launch pads across Line of Control in 2016.

“Look at the mentality of these people. General Bipin Rawat was the pride of the country. India conducted the Surgical Strike in Pakistan under his leadership. Rahul Gandhi demanded proof of the strike. Did we ever ask you for proof of whether you are Rajiv Gandhi’s son or not? What right do you have to demand proof from my Army?” CM Sarma had said.

“If our Army said that they conducted the strike in Pakistan, that means they have done it. Where is the dispute in this? Do you not trust General Bipin Rawat? If he said that the Army conducted the strike, that means it’s done. Why do you want proof of it? Do not disrespect the soldiers. People die for the country. People do not live for others but for the country,” he added.

On Thursday hours after Rahul Gandhi emphasised on India being a “union” of cultures and states, CM Sarma hit out at him saying “India is far beyond just a union” and asked what was Congress leader’s problem with “nation, nationality and nationalism”.

He accused the Congress leader of having “tukde-tuke” philosophy and said “Bharat cannot be held hostage to it”.

The BJP leader also took a dig at Gandhi not mentioning the northeast in his tweet and talking of India stretching from Gujarat to West Bengal.

“India is far beyond just a union. We are a proud Nation. Bharat cannot be held hostage to your tukde tukde philosophy. What is your problem with Nation, Nationality and Nationalism.? And hello- beyond Bengal, we North east exist,” the chief minister said in a tweet.

In his tweet, Gandhi accused the BJP-led government of “insulting the spirit of India”.

“There is strength in our Union. Our Union of Cultures. Our Union of Diversity. Our Union of Languages. Our Union of People. Our Union of States. From Kashmir to Kerala. From Gujarat to West Bengal. India is beautiful in all its colours. Don’t insult the spirit of India,” Rahul Gandhi said. (ANI)