Rafale deal: BJP takes out protest rally


Assam BJP today (Dec 19) took out a protest march to the Congress headquarters Rajiv Bhavan in Guwahati, accusing the latter of spreading lies over the Rafale deal. Thousands of BJP activists led by Assam BJP president Ranjeet Kumar Dass along with other party leaders marched from the party headquarters at Hengerabari to Rajiv Bhavan but were stopped by police and CRPF personnel at Christian Basti.

Similar protest marches were also taken out in other parts of the State.

BJP supporters tried to force their way forward towards the Congress party headquarters at Bhangagarh and even attempted to break barricades set up by police to prevent BJP activists from marching forward.

“It’s illogical on the part of the Congress party to spread lies over the Rafale deal even after the Supreme Court ruled out any foul play when the deal with inked. Rahul Gandhi questioning the transparency of the deal even after the SC clean chit is nothing but comic,” Assam BJP president Ranjeet Kumar Dass said.


Meanwhile, Congress activists also shouted slogans against the BJP as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their bid to counter the ruling party’s rally.

Congress activists shouted ‘BJP go back’ slogans as police tightened security along the stretch of the road from Bhangagarh to Christian Basti so as to avoid any untoward incident.

The rally and the protests by BJP and the Congress led to massive traffic snarls at the Srimanta Shankardeva Path (earstwhile GS Road) as activists of the two partiesblocked the road.

“It’s really unacceptable. The BJP and Congress are protesting against each other and it’s we common people who have to suffer,” Tushar Chakraborty, a resident of Guwahati who was stranded for more than an hour near the ABC point, told News Live.