Rabindranath Tagore wanted to take Indian culture to global platform through Visva-Bharati University: PM Modi


Shantiniketan (West Bengal): Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore wanted to take the Indian culture to the global platform through formation of Visva-Bharati University, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday.

Speaking at the convocation ceremony of Visva-Bharati University via video conferencing, PM said he is inspired and delighted to be part of the ‘wonderful heritage that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore gave to mother India’.

“It would have been good if I could go there personally to take part in the ceremony today but due to the new rules (COVID-19) I am taking part in this event through video conferencing,” PM Modi said.
He said the students who studied at Visva-Bharati University are part of a vibrant tradition.

“If Gurudev wanted to see Visva-Bharati as just a university, he could have named it Global University or some other name, but he named it Visva-Bharati University. For Gurudev Tagore, Visva-Bharati was not merely an institute for imparting knowledge. This is an attempt to take Indian culture on the global platform,” said the PM.

He cited Tagore’s lines and said labourers, intellectuals, social workers and saints, all are a part of the bigger society and all have to work together for its liberation.

“Just as it is necessary to remain restrained and sensitive while in power, it is necessary for every intellectual and every expert to be responsible. Your knowledge is not only yours, but it is a heritage of the society, of the future generation of the country.

Your knowledge and skills can make a society and a nation proud,” the PM said.
PM Modi called Visva-Bharati University a free ocean of knowledge, whose foundation was laid for experience-based education.

He said Tagore laid the foundation of the university with the thought of limitless knowledge.
He told the graduating students that success and failure do not determine our present and future.

“You may not get the results you desired, but you should never be afraid to make a decision in life,” PM advised the students. (ANI)