Prashant Mishra, as a mentor and founder of TechXR Innovations Pvt Ltd, democratizes access to emerging technologies


Within six months of its inception, it was recognized as 2nd All India Edtech Company in the Edupreneur Challenge conducted by Aurobindo Society and earned many other achievements.

The way a few industries today have developed, one cannot go without crediting the relentless drive and efforts of a few astute minds and entrepreneurs of the world. Of course, the advent of technology is a huge factor, but the passionate beings and intelligent brains have helped take their respective industries a notch higher by combining their knowledge with technology creating something so unique that it could go ahead in making a positive difference in the world. Doing exactly that and much more as a self-made success story is Prashant Mishra(Born 19 August 1980), who today is known as a mentor and founder of TechXR Innovations Pvt Ltd. Technology is where his heart is, which has helped him keep going on his path and become an innovator in the industry.

He confesses all his efforts are oriented towards creating affordable technology for the masses, which he was motivated to do as he noticed how technology was expensive and did not reach all. His research included learning coding and experimental stuff on wireless communication to explore other ways of Information dissemination in inaccessible areas or rural areas. One idea led to another, which opened his mind to AR/VR, turning him into a modern-day developer of the world’s most affordable controller to interact with AR/VR Space. With this, one can interact in Virtual Reality space with this controller with 6 Degrees of Freedom, which he calls a 3D Mouse, and it can do almost everything. This has made it a game-changer in training, gaming, education, and the democratization of 3D content generation.

TechXR Innovations Pvt Ltd was founded in January 2021 by raising money from friends and family with a team of five, and in just six months, it got recognized as 2nd All India Edtech Company in Edupreneur Challenge conducted by Aurobindo Society, got into Top 30 finalist in 5G Hackathon conducted by Department of telecommunication India and got selected by IIM K for funding, which in itself proved the power and potential of the company and the astuteness of Prashant Mishra, along with his team.

Prashant Mishra is the one who designed AR VR Elective for NIFT, where he taught as a guest faculty, designed AR VR Internship for RGPV, and trained students from 20+ institutes. Also, he designed a certification course, vetted by IIT R CS Faculty – iHub @ IITR collaboration. On TechXR (@techxrinnovations), he says, “We have been making quality AR/VR learning easy, affordable, and accessible. We are committed to our mission to democratize access to emerging technologies like AR, VR, and Mixed Reality.” To know more about TechXR Innovations, connect to its Instagram:

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