Pramod Bodo will speak more lies if he comes to politics: Hagrama Mohilary


GUWAHATI: “Pramod Bodo spoke so many lies when he was in ABSU. He will speak more lies if he comes to power,” said Bodoland Territorial Council Chief Hagrama Mohilary.

Addressing a press meet at Kokrajhar today, Mohilary said, “Pramod Bodo kept saying that they would not join politics, they would continue their struggle for a separate state. But he has left ABSU and is going to join politics.”

“We will win 100 out of 100. Our alliance with BJP and BPF will retain,” Mohilary said.

Hagrama Mohilary also said that he is ready to offer Rajya Sabha seat to Urkhao Gwra Brahma.

“I will not leave it to other political parties. UG Brahma can become Rajya Sabha MP on behalf of BPF. Offer is still open for him if he comes,” Mohilary added.