Prahlad Singh returns home after 23 years in Pakistan jail


Attari: A resident of Madhya Pradesh, Prahlad Singh, returned home on Monday after spending 23 years in a Pakistan jail.

As per the information shared by protocol officer Arunpal Singh, Prahlad returned to India through the Attari-Wagah border in Punjab after serving his term in Pakistan jail.

“A police party from Madhya Pradesh and his younger brother Veer Singh have come to take him home,” said the officer.

Prahlad, a resident of the Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, is mentally unstable and was about 30 years old when he was reported missing from his home. A few years ago, his family came to know of his whereabouts through a newspaper.

“We have no idea how he reached Pakistan. He is mentally unstable and would often leave home without telling,” said Veer Singh, Prahlad’s younger brother.

“It seems like he has been tortured a lot. He cannot even speak properly,” he added. (ANI)