Post floods Halflong limps back to normalcy with restoration work in full swing


Guwahati: Haflong, which was hit by heavy floods and landslides back in June, is fast limping back to normalcy. While restoration work is fast going on at many points, the work at the Lower Haflong-Mahadev Tilla road is expected to be completed soon.

The restoration work of the work which was initiated by the Chief Executive Member and the Executive Members of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council is going on in full swing with a large chunk already completed.

Once completed, the road will benefit the people of the villages of Muolhoi, Tularamraji, ND Raji and Sonpijang as more than 20,000 people are dependent on the road for commuting.

The road was heavily affected by floods and landslides earlier this year. However, the fast pace of the restoration work has brought the situation in the region almost back to normal.

The beautiful city in Assam’s Dima Hasao district– has been devastated as a result of the ongoing flood in the state. The city has been facing such damages as a result of heavy raining in the state during the past month.

With the bar being completely ruined, it was also reported that the walls of the houses in this district have ruptured. The unmanageable water has brought a pause to the traffic and has made it nearly impossible for the people to live in their houses.