Possible human error: Prateek Hajela on NRC anomalies


Amid reports and allegations of names of genuine Indian citizens excluded from the NRC draft, NRC State Coordinator Prateek Hajela on Saturday admitted to the possibility of some “human error” creeping in considering how massive the NRC update exercise has been.

“Since it’s a very massive exercise, you cannot rule out the possibility of some human error. But at the end of the day, we will ensure that no foreigner gets into the final NRC and no genuine Indians are left out,” Hajela told News Live in an exclusive interview.


On reports of declared Bangladeshi nationals getting their names enrolled in the NRC draft, the NRC State Coordinator said many declared foreigners have changed their names and addresses while applying to get their names included in the updated citizens’ register.

“Many declared foreigners have either changed their names party or completely and have also been able to forge documents while applying. That’s the most probable reason why their names could make it to the NRC draft,” he said, and added: “We will ensure that names of declared foreigners do not make it to the final and updated NRC”.


Hajela claimed that they had detected a large number of fake documents, mainly birth certificates, which were rejected during the verification process and that’s the probable reason why names of some parents have been included in the draft NRC but not their children or vice-versa.