Popular Vlogger Anurag Dobhal crosses 1.87 million subscribers on his YouTube channel The UK07 Rider.


His popularity has been on a constant rise, which has even gained him the golden play button from YouTube, which is quite impressive.

We have heard of umpteen stories about small town inhabitants making it big in various sectors. We have one such example amongst us who hails from a small town in Uttarakhand and has today risen to become one of country’s well known YouTuber and travel vlogger whose popularity has been on an all-time high since he stepped into this zone. One’s passion can push them to optimum limits, and that’s clearly seen in the case of Anurag who left his career as a teaching professional only to pursue his passion for riding bikes and travelling places which he captures on his camera for the world to watch through his YouTube channels named The UK07 Rider.

His stepping into this zone was not well thought of as his passion got him here, which has taken his popularity to such dizzying heights. He started his YouTube journey at the onset of the global pandemic, but really got hooked onto it when one of his travel videos ‘Went to India-Pakistan LOC on KTM Bike’, got tremendous response, garnering more than 8 million views. This sparked that much-needed fire that was needed to get into this zone full-fledged. It was then that he decided to quit his teaching job to step into this space full time, exploring various destinations across the country.

His first tryst with creating content in the form of short videos of his travel expeditions won him two competitions organised by popular travel YouTubers Mumbaikar Nikhil and The Flying Beast, which further boosted his confidence to do better which ultimately led to his visit to the Kartarpur Corridor which won him maximum views on YouTube numbering up to a humongous 8 million. He feels extremely blessed to have such overwhelming response from the audiences, which has further boosted his confidence to churn out better content going forward. “There are plans to visit some of the most enchanting destinations, national as well as international, which would be extremely engaging and keep the viewers glued to their screens,” promises Anurag while talking about his future endeavours.

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