Poachers kill rhino at Kaziranga National Park


Poachers killed another rhinoceros inside the Kaziranga National Park, putting an end to the brief lull, and decamping after axing off the horn. The rhino was shot dead near the Bagori Forest Range office, probably late Friday night.

It was only after some tourist saw the carcass of the giant animal that the incident came to light this morning.

“It’s very sad to see such a magnificent animal lying dead. I just cannot understand how poachers could snean into the park, kill a rhino near a forest office and then walk away after axing off the horn, literally unnoticed and unchallenged,” a tourist said.


Meanwhile, former Assam Forest minister Pramilarani Brahma expressed shock and anger over the killing of the rhinoceros by poachers and claimed many forest officials take their jobs very lightly which, she said, is one of the reasons how poachers kill rhinos inside Kaziranga.

On the other hand, several organizations in Kaziranga demanded stricter measures to save the one-horned rhinos from poachers’ bullets.