PM Modi says education must lift language barrier and let talent flourish


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed the need for the education system to overcome linguistic barriers so that talent from rural areas gets the opportunity to flourish. He said, the new National Education Policy will be implemented on a mission mode towards this purpose.

Addressing a webinar on effective implementation of the provisions in the Union Budget for the education sector, Mr Modi said academics and experts of every language should make available the best content in the country and the world in Indian languages.

He said, it is necessary to produce content in Indian languages for every area of expertise, be it medical, engineering, technology or management.

Asserting that there is no dearth of talent in the country, Mr Modi said those living in villages and the poor, who do not know any language other than their local language, have no shortage of talent. We should not let the talent of our villages, our poor die due to language difficulties, he said.

Prime Minister said, the second biggest focus after health in this year’s budget is on education, skill, research and innovation. Mr Modi pointed out that to build a self-reliant India, confidence of the youth is equally important.