Pink buses in Guwahati to offer free rides to women, senior citizens


Guwahati: Assam State Finance Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday tabled budget for the year 2020-21 with a slew of welfare measures. The budget proposed to provide free and dedicated bus services for women and senior citizens in Guwahati under the Bhraman Sarathi scheme.

Dr. Sarma also mentioned that Pink Buses which are specially dedicated for women will run on the roads of Guwahati providing hassle-free and safe rides to women and elderly.

These buses, painted in pink colour, will be on some of the busiest routes throughout the day and will provide fast, safe and easy mobility to the women and the senior citizens.

“This step is basically initiated because we often see that women and senior citizens experience a lot of hardship although some seats in ASTC buses are reserved for all women and the elderly, they are sometimes wrongly occupied by others and are mostly inadequate,” said Dr. Sarma.

On the other hand, free rides will also be provided under ASTC to unemployed youths appearing for exams or interviews upon production of calling letter or other related documents.