Pilot tweets urging people to support Assam, Bihar flood victims


NEW DELHI: Former Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot on Saturday appealed to all Indians to join the efforts in helping support those affected due to the floods in Assam and Bihar.

Pilot’s appeal comes amid the raging political firestorm in Rajasthan where he declared open rebellion against the Ashok Gehlot government. Pilot was sacked as deputy chief minister and the state Congress chief earlier this week.

“My thoughts and prayers with all those families affected by the Assam & Bihar floods. Over 68 lives lost & 3.6 million people affected in Assam alone,” Pilot tweeted.

“I appeal to all Indians, to come together, join in the efforts to help support those affected in these extreme flood situations,” he said.

The tweet by Pilot was his first in four days. His last tweets were on July 14, the day he was sacked from both the posts.

Soon after his removal as Rajasthan deputy chief minister and PCC chief, Pilot on Tuesday had said “truth can be rattled, not defeated”.

Later that evening, Pilot had tweeted, “My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who have come out in my support today.”

Pilot has the support of 18 MLAs. There was little news of the Pilot camp. While the former PCC chief has been silent, there was little information on his whereabouts and those of the MLAs who mounted the rebellion with him.

They had been in a resort in Haryana till Friday evening when the Rajasthan special operations group reached for their voice samples but could not meet them.

Some Congress leaders alleged that they had been taken to another BJP-ruled state but no one was quite sure. (PTI)