‘Perfect Fix’: YouTuber invents gun that shoots masks onto people’s faces; Watch Video


GUWAHATI: Almost every outdoor activity that one can think of is being done nowadays while wearing masks.

And we’re talking about more than 200 countries. From weddings and parties to shopping and play sessions, every activity has seen people using face masks to limit the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus.

Most have adhered to the mandatory rule of wearing masks in public places in order to protect themselves and others from the virus.

But despite repeated warnings from health officials and governments across the globe, some people are still refusing to wear protective masks. As a result, city authorities have started taking strict action against those who flout rules.

The practice of wearing masks is something that grows over a period of time. Unfortunately, not everyone is practicing it as a habit.

In such a case, innovations go a long way in providing solutions.

So, when Allen Pan grew tired and concerned about Americans taking to public places without face masks, he decided to invent something that goes beyond educational videos and campaigns.

Rather than taking a conventional approach of pleading people to wear face covers, Pan invented a device that shoots masks on to people’s faces. He shared details about his ‘Mask Gun’ on a YouTube video and explained how it was created.

Watch video:

The video shows some Americans are refusing to wear masks at supermarkets. It then shows how many people have created educational videos that urge people to face covers, without much success.

Pan then shows how he created the ‘Mask Gun’.

Interestingly, the gun works well with masks being catapulted onto someone’s face before wrapping around the back of their head. As seen in the video, the masks fit nicely over Pan’s nose and mouth.

The 9-minute video has now received over 1.59 lakh views and hundreds of reactions from users. While some said such devices should not be used in public, many said it is a good way of motivating people to wear masks.

COURTESY: TimesNowNews