People start panic buying in Guwahati


GUWAHATI: The total lockdown beginning from Sunday night in Guwahati triggered panic buying in many parts of the city.

Though the authorities have allowed the movement of the people for Saturday and Sunday including the residents of those 11 wards where ward-wise lockdown was imposed, people started to throng shops and market place sto buy essentials.

Ironically, social distancing, the very purpose for which the lockdown has been declared to control the spread of COVID-19 , went for a toss in many parts of the city, with helpless storekeepers’ pleas for maintaining social distancing and keeping a safe distance getting lost in the din.

From Friday evening, people started to gather at shops and markets in Guwahati to buy essential goods as all the shops except pharmacies will remain closed during lockdown. However, the incessant rain on Saturday somehow deterred the panic buying.

On the other hand, many people have been leaving Guwahati by buses to their home towns and villages as the city is going for another period of lockdown.